Van maintenance day

December 8, 2020

Interrupting #100outdoordays for a day of van maintenance. The back doors have been a bit sticky lately but two days ago they seized completely shut – we couldn’t get into the garage for our bikes, water tanks, spare food storage… Had to spend this morning dismantling the bed so we could get to the lock from the inside. Result! (Swipe left.)

Now to spend the afternoon dismantling the door to fix the faulty lock. Suddenly remembering how much celotex insulation we stuffed in there ?.

Also noticed I still haven’t finished repairing the thermal curtains – we attach them to the van using caravan/boat poppers but sometimes they break (as you can see where the curtain is sagging). These curtains are a lifesaver in winter as an additional layer of insulation against cold and draughts (we also have Van-X curtains on all the windows which I would highly recommend if you’re planning on being in colder climates at any time, although they’re also great for keeping hot sun out of the van too).

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