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July 2021

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What does freedom look like?

July 22, 2021

I’m not sure any of us knows what true freedom is. A friend said to me recently that we experience our first personal violation when schooling begins & I felt that ring true in my bones. More of us question the systems that have nurtured & dismantled us in equal measure & we’re trying to carve new ways of living out of the rockface of capitalism. Freedom is the freedom to be a total shit, & this is where people’s…

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A return to cooking

July 22, 2021

I’ve really enjoyed cooking again lately. Slow travelling in the van, finding lovely local farm shops and parking in new locations inspires me. It’s not something I particularly push, more that the urge to cook comes and goes.Something that’s been slow-flowing in the deep waters of this Self is the need to understand why I do certain things, and why I can find some healthy habits difficult to maintain.I suppose where I’m at is the belief that when the internal…

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Just because

July 22, 2021

You’re adopting the patriarchal, colonialist mindset when you ignore your heart’s wilderness, or when you feel that you have the right to shape someone to your will; when you know what’s best, when you ignore or minimise or pander to power; when you forget yourself in the pursuit of external values, or worse – when you ask this of someone else. Text reads:Just because you don’t understand what someone’s doing – doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Just because you can’t see…

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Searching for joy

July 18, 2021

I had thought to write an inspiring caption for this short film of yesterday’s beautiful wild encounter (swipe left). I took off clothes, swam naked and free, but sometimes I find it hard to write with joy when there’s so much misery in the world. I read the words of a man who worked in an industrial pig farm and the disgusting ways he abused innocent animals just because he could exercise some power. I then felt overwhelmed by the…

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When I’m away from people the world makes sense

July 14, 2021

When I’m away from people the world makes sense. I can walk or cycle these rolling hills with a glorious heartfull of belonging. Every atom of this beautiful earth is deeply sacred so that I can simply exist in these spaces and just breathe.Still, the need to connect, to understand and be understood is a deeply human attribute that I also possess.People give me intense anxiety, but I’m learning to work with it, to slowly feel my way into being…

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For the trees

July 13, 2021

It’s occurring to me why Suzanne Simard’s Finding the Mother Tree has struck such a chord in my heart. Yesterday I remembered this poem written over a decade ago (first poem in the Prophecy: conversations with my Self pamphlet, from 2010, available as free download from my webshop, link in bio). What Simard is writing about, I knew all those years ago. Well, I didn’t have the understanding that Simard writes of because I’m not a scientist, I’m a poet,…

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Felling trees

July 12, 2021

Continuing from yesterday’s blog about Finding the Mother Tree, I was reminded of this photo I took a few days ago when we were riding the mtb trails at Drumlanrig Castle (as an aside there’s a cheeky little old-skool 8-ball black run there that’s a lot of fun when added to the red route with challenging off-camber rooty descents and super-skinny trail, but it’s also totally knackering for exactly those same reasons and I needed a couple of days off…

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Finding the Mother Tree review

July 11, 2021

I’ve been raving about Finding the Mother Tree by Suzanne Simard to friends for a while now so wanted to share some thoughts on this occasional review section of the OUTSIDER blog. Some elements of this book are difficult to read, especially explicit detailing of scientific experiments made in commercial forests through the spraying of toxic glyphosate herbicides designed to kill off all other plants who might be ‘stealing’ nutrients from trees marked for harvest.Simard writes, “I stared at my…

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Empty your mind

July 10, 2021

Been thinking of this older poem lately. It’s from the Prophecy: conversations with my Self, pamphlet. Available now as free download from my webshop. Text reads: On knowledgeto speak simply is to think simply is to be simple: clarityto speak with complexity is to think with complexity is to be complex:foggyempty minds perceive vastness imagine the greatness of the universe hear the voices of the trees……

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On being a good ancestor

July 10, 2021

This amazing mama turned twenty five yesterday. Here’s my daughter Rhi, with her daughter Hilda. So much love for this woman for having the strength to walk her own path. My heart is so big with love. Ancestry is the strangest thing – something I’ve always considered as being on the receiving end of, not the one who is the actual ancestor 😂. It’s the most bizarre and wonderful experience that maybe stretches your vision quite a bit, like a…

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