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First wild garlic of the year

March 2, 2021

First wild garlic of the year. I love just chewing on a freshly washed leaf – so peppery and garlicky, yum.We have a super basic kitchen with no electrical appliances so everything I make is pretty rustic, including this pesto-inspired vegan dip/paste/topping. I finely chopped this small bunch of wild garlic, then added finely chopped walnuts, good olive oil, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, salt and pepper. This is super intense and zingy! Great stirred into steamed veg, boiled potatoes, pasta…Am…

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*I need to vent*

February 1, 2021

It’s the last day of Spanish hunting season, which means that around 100,000 galgos hounds will be shot, abandoned, or sometimes quite brutally murdered because they’re now considered worthless.  I’m trying really hard not to turn this into a rant, but fuck, I’ve seen a few things today that have pissed me off so badly. Even though I look to the social structures that cause people to behave cruelly: capitalism reduces every action, every product and every life to €…

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Low-wash hair

January 31, 2021

I really wanted to do a post today about my low-wash hair, I spent ages taking different selfies and hated all of them: my face is too round, I have lines and wrinkles, my skin isn’t smooth, blah blah blah… and then I remembered that I turn 45 in just over a week and live the life of my dreams. I reminded myself that this body can surf waves, hike & bike mountains, write poems; this person has worked hard…

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A stitch in time

January 27, 2021

Last night’s darning project – the arm in one of my thermal vests. I called my sister and was like – oh gawds I’m here drinking tea mending my thermal vest HOW OLD AM I? 😂😭 I’ve had this vest years, it’s a merino wool blend from trusty M&S.All I could think of last night was the old adage, A Stitch In Time Saves Nine. This is because I didn’t mend this months ago when the first tiny holes appeared…

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To create in slow time is to be

January 14, 2021

I wrote this poem after weeks spent swimming in Slovenian rivers back in May 2019… is anybody else missing their outdoor swims just now? So I will relive these moments through the poems – that’s what they’re for – and keep making apples. #slowtime #riverswim #poetlife TEXT READS:Swimming in Slow Time Drop a stone into Slow Time& ride each ripple to the green water’s edge.Forget which day of the weekis tomorrow – beauty anticipated is toosoon spoiled. It is not…

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Joining the No Wash Club

January 12, 2021

Making more of my own clothes, and mending those I have, changes my attitude to these things in ways I can’t really explain. I’ve loved fast-fashion in the past – being able to walk into a store and buy something I might only wear a handful of times. Everything just got chucked in the washing machine regardless – then eventually out to a charity shop. Andy bought a pair of Hiut jeans recently (I didn’t because I have enough jeans)…

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An intentional year

December 31, 2020

I’ve been thinking long and hard about the intention for this coming year, I’ve chased it under skeletal winter hedgerows, across undulating hills that gently magnify all the hidden shadows of the mind, and in the needly-ice-cold of winter swims. This morning, during a glorious hour of silence with @workingsilence I found this triad: syncretism, symbiosis, symbolism. Ah! This makes perfect sense! I will hold these words in my heart all year, seek out their embodiment with every step. Only…

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In search of sacred ground

December 30, 2020

It’s been one of those days. I love seeing people out enjoying nature, and the snowy hills around here have called so many out these past few days. We had to turn around from our planned hilly hike as it was overrun with cars, then when we went somewhere less glamorous (without snow) I forgot my camera.  I suppose that’s when it’s easy to get territorial about a certain place, ‘I live here, I know this place, I hate it…

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Mending is a radical anti-consumerist act

December 16, 2020

Since we’ve moved into the van I’ve discovered a love for visible mending. There’s something so beautifully therapeutic about taking a garment that’s no longer wearable and stitching new life into it.  I’m no expert, and I’m also not holding myself up as any paragon of virtue where clothing is concerned: I still buy the odd thing in the sale, and don’t always remember to check the provenance of clothes I buy. I see this mindset as a more long-term…

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On gifting

November 10, 2020

These days I don’t wear makeup. It’s not even been a conscious choice as I still have some rattling around the van somewhere. I think it’s more to do with accepting myself exactly as I am – all the lines & wrinkles, the grey hairs & belly rolls.I also have a huge aversion to Xmas presents. Like massive. I hate the obligatory nature of it forced upon us by our capitalist society. I hate how people get into debt just…

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