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When I’m away from people the world makes sense

July 14, 2021

When I’m away from people the world makes sense. I can walk or cycle these rolling hills with a glorious heartfull of belonging. Every atom of this beautiful earth is deeply sacred so that I can simply exist in these spaces and just breathe.
Still, the need to connect, to understand and be understood is a deeply human attribute that I also possess.
People give me intense anxiety, but I’m learning to work with it, to slowly feel my way into being involved only with things that bring my heart joy.
I’ve also discovered the self-knowledge to accept that if I don’t understand what’s being said or how certain social circles work, then it’s not that I’m lacking, but that those spaces or conversations aren’t for me, and I’m very much okay with that these days.
I look out across this life on the road and know that I don’t need other people to understand it, but it is important that other people accept it, because when I look to nature she teaches that diversity is key, that we need many different people living and dreaming a vibrant ecosystem into being. Each of us are pioneers, discovering the unique truth of our place in the wonder of this world.

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