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A return to cooking

July 22, 2021

I’ve really enjoyed cooking again lately. Slow travelling in the van, finding lovely local farm shops and parking in new locations inspires me. It’s not something I particularly push, more that the urge to cook comes and goes.
Something that’s been slow-flowing in the deep waters of this Self is the need to understand why I do certain things, and why I can find some healthy habits difficult to maintain.
I suppose where I’m at is the belief that when the internal ecosystem is balanced, making choices that are beneficial to my body and mental health become second nature.

It’s a long process of rewilding the body, of removing internal structures that no longer serve me, but this process can, at times, set me back somewhat while everything settles into a new form. Sometimes it feels that everyone else is zooming past, until I remind myself that it’s not a competition, just a journey we’re all undertaking, and no two paths are the same.

Last night I soaked a tonne of chickpeas. Today I boiled them and made 3 dishes:
Home made sun-dried tomato hummus.
Spicy pan-roasted chickpeas (dish was slightly bitter so I chopped some fresh tomato in for sweetness).
Hounds had mashed chickpeas + veg + rice + tinned sardines.

Cooking this way saves time and energy and means we all eat well while getting as close to zero food waste as I can.

We also had:
Boiled potatoes stirred into chopped basil, olive oil, black pepper & nutritional yeast.
Flat green beans boiled then stirred into olive oil, garlic and salt.
Salad leaves – round lettuce + rocket. All the leftovers have gone in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch.

Human food was vegan g/f.
Hound food contains fish.

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