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Shape shifting

July 26, 2021

I’ve spent the last few days dreaming near ancient rock. It can change you, you know? Or can solidify a position within that was hiding beneath the waters of consciousness.

A friend said a while ago, ‘Instagram isn’t an airport, you don’t need to announce your departure’ ? and I love that because it’s so true. But I feel I wanted to write something this morning before deleting the app from my phone this evening.

I love Instagram, its blend of photography and words is a format that speaks to me. I’ve met so many amazing women through these creative squares who I’d never have found IRL, and I intend to keep in touch with you all, but there’s a point where things can get repetitive so that I feel I don’t have anything more to say in this format.

I suppose what I’m interested in is the learning. What is this teaching me? I’ve learned so much on here but that feels as if it’s coming to a close and if I’m not pushing myself and learning new things then what am I doing with the very short time I have on this glorious Earth?

I’ve read that consistency is key – but key to what? Perhaps getting more people to notice your work, but does that allow for the heart-deep-shapeshifting that we, and this world, so desperately needs?

So I suppose it feels time to shift shape again, to really focus on speaking through my novels and the poetry within them; to deepen connections with people, the land, and the trees, as we continue travelling, which isn’t really the point of social media.

I’ll still drop by here from time to time to chat about my books but won’t be checking DMs so if you’d like to stay in touch please email/WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram – I like notice before an actual voice call tho! Details are on my website.

Heaps of hugs to you all and I hope to maybe catch you on the road someday.

Sophie ❤️ (also just realised this is my 1000th Instagram post which feels nicely poetic)

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