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March 2021

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The Madness of Sara Mansfield book cover

March 29, 2021

I’m so happy to share the cover art of the new novel, The Madness of Sara Mansfield. My partner in life, Andy Garside, always designs my work, always manages to convey the essence of each book with a beautiful clarity and vision. I wanted the making of this book to be an act of trust, whose creation speaks to an anarchic ideal that everything under this blue sky belongs with a collective stewardship, in the Creative Commons. Which is why…

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Days of editing and mending

March 28, 2021

I’m on the final proofread of the novel. Can’t quite believe I’ve made it this far. Finding the right copy-editor and proofreader is essential. No matter how many edits I’d done, there were still things I’d missed, not just with punctuation and grammar but also with clarity of thought at times. All of these layers add to the process of birthing this book into the world so that I feel confident it’s the absolute best piece of work I can…

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In praise of our Celtic rainforests

March 27, 2021

Being back in our homeland of Cymru this winter offered a beautiful opportunity to reconnect with the land and trees here. This weekend travel restrictions ease and we get to explore farther afield once more. Here’s a poem from the Hanes poetry pamphlet in celebration of that. Also for my lovely friend @anjetvanlinge ? #rainforest #celticrainforest #idreamwithtrees #poetlife #slowlivingactivism text reads: rainforestSnowdonia’s Celtic rain forest in Cwm Mynach (Monk’s Valley) has around 200 days of rain each year. rainfall tearsblister…

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On family and connection

March 26, 2021

We’ve been incredibly lucky during this past lockdown year. The first half locked into Portugal then Switzerland, and even this winter in Cymru we’ve managed to park with family. There’s a certain amount of life that is shaped by our attitude, and positive thinking makes such a difference when, for example, getting through winter in a tiny home set up to travel but aren’t able to do so. Still, there’s a huge privilege in even being able to think positively.…

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Some thoughts on food, freedom & the anti-trespass bill

March 25, 2021

Living this nomadic life is a choice – we choose not to own property or land, we choose not to get sucked into the mass madness that is thirty years of slavery (or a mortgage).Successive governments have always fought to squash people who live any sort of alternative life as if we are an affront to their very existence. Perhaps we are. Perhaps our lives are the art that shows people that there is another way to live in this…

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In celebration of the Creative Commons

March 23, 2021

I’ve been working more with my anxiety of late. Instead of trying to squash it, I’ve been listening, applying a gentle ‘why am I feeling this now?’.  The answers aren’t always apparent, but they’re slowly revealing themselves as I grow self-awareness.  One of the things I’ve struggle with is how I want to share work with the world. It often appears as if everyone else has everything sorted: they go down the traditional publishing in magazines/publisher route, or they use…

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Bridging the gap

March 21, 2021

Yesterday I felt the spring equinox in my body. This doesn’t always happen, but more so as these days in the van roll through me. I’m trying to shape without shaping, push-then-release, open my heart to my Self.I’ve spent this past time telling my body that I love her, that she is special to me, that I’m sorry for all the times I treated her like an emotional dumping ground.Yesterday that disconnect ended – there was no ‘me’ talking to…

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Committing yourself

March 7, 2021

It’s a strange thing, birthing a book. At times I’ve felt like Kit here, absolutely committed, but wondering if I’m not fully aware of the extent of the ambition. There’s times I thought I should just quit. Aren’t there enough books in the world? What do I have to add? I’ve also given a lot of my power away, expecting others to understand (and validate) my vision, and when they didn’t, I took this as proof that the book should…

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First wild garlic of the year

March 2, 2021

First wild garlic of the year. I love just chewing on a freshly washed leaf – so peppery and garlicky, yum.We have a super basic kitchen with no electrical appliances so everything I make is pretty rustic, including this pesto-inspired vegan dip/paste/topping. I finely chopped this small bunch of wild garlic, then added finely chopped walnuts, good olive oil, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, salt and pepper. This is super intense and zingy! Great stirred into steamed veg, boiled potatoes, pasta…Am…

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