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Some thoughts on food, freedom & the anti-trespass bill

March 25, 2021

Living this nomadic life is a choice – we choose not to own property or land, we choose not to get sucked into the mass madness that is thirty years of slavery (or a mortgage).
Successive governments have always fought to squash people who live any sort of alternative life as if we are an affront to their very existence. Perhaps we are. Perhaps our lives are the art that shows people that there is another way to live in this world and it can be sunset-soaked and joy-filled. Perhaps if enough people began to realise that the government is put in power by us and therefore should be working to facilitate whichever way we choose to live our lives, instead of encouraging us into debt and shit jobs for their billionaire friends and family, we might have a more free and fair society.

Freedom is such a fragile thing – so easy to remove, so difficult to reinstate once it’s gone, which is why I support the Resist Anti-Trespass movement. That bill is nothing but a land grab by the rich and powerful, another way of moulding our rich and multifarious array of lifestyles into one drab homogeneous blob. Another way of feeding us all into the machine that shits out uniform-sized workers and thinkers.

This Slow Living life of quiet activism isn’t necessarily for everyone, and I respect that, but that respect needs to work in all directions, instead our government is determined to stamp their autocratic boots all over any sovereign individual.

Anyways when I get utterly depressed at us all sleepwalking into a totalitarian state, I make nourishing food, slowly.

Here’s slow & lazy tomato and wild garlic soup. Makes a big pan full.
Glug olive oil in a pan, add onion + 2xcelery & 2xcarrots all finely chopped. Put on lid and sweat on low heat for at least 20mins, stirring occasionally. Chop a large handful of fat, squishy overripe tomatoes – about12 (remove core if woody). I leave the skins on tbh. Cover with water + 1tsp salt, 1tblsp ground black pepper, 1cup rinsed red lentils, spring of herbs (I used rosemary here). Bring to boil, put lid on, simmer until lentils are soft. Chop large handful of foraged wild garlic leaves & stir in at the end. Serve. #slowlivingactivism

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