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The Madness of Sara Mansfield book cover

March 29, 2021

I’m so happy to share the cover art of the new novel, The Madness of Sara Mansfield. My partner in life, Andy Garside, always designs my work, always manages to convey the essence of each book with a beautiful clarity and vision.

I wanted the making of this book to be an act of trust, whose creation speaks to an anarchic ideal that everything under this blue sky belongs with a collective stewardship, in the Creative Commons. Which is why The MthR Trilogy will be published copyleft, in solidarity with the trees and the land whose very nature is the Creative Commons.

Whenever I sit with the trees they remind me that everything we have is a gift from the land and as such we can take whatever we need, but nothing belongs to us.

I think of the apple trees who give and give, no matter if someone wants to just eat a few, or if someone comes and takes the whole crop to sell, the apple tree keeps giving. This is the truth of nature and the world.

We expect this from nature, we treat this as our right, and yet rarely expect this same behaviour or commitment from ourselves.
Why is that?

Anyway, these are some of the themes I’m also exploring in the novels, as well as the novels themselves making this political statement that, we don’t have to be singular people fighting it out, we are a glorious microcosm-macrocosm beautifully co-created through syncretism, symbiosis and symbolism.

The Madness of Sara Mansfield will be out at the end of the month.

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