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In praise of our Celtic rainforests

March 27, 2021

Being back in our homeland of Cymru this winter offered a beautiful opportunity to reconnect with the land and trees here. This weekend travel restrictions ease and we get to explore farther afield once more. Here’s a poem from the Hanes poetry pamphlet in celebration of that. Also for my lovely friend @anjetvanlinge ? #rainforest #celticrainforest #idreamwithtrees #poetlife #slowlivingactivism text reads: rainforest
Snowdonia’s Celtic rain forest in Cwm Mynach (Monk’s Valley) has around 200 days of rain each year.

rainfall tears
blister on skin
persistent fingers
plough scars
worry at the ground
toss thoughts like stones
the landscape shifts
is reformed
and other times
old memories
are excavated
ancestral roots
so deep I didn’t know they existed
so profound I couldn’t tell you their name
the rain falls relentless
washes clean
veins & roots
that shimmer like
the backs of dolphins
in darkness
and I can’t look away
can’t turn away
can’t go back
the rain falls
through the earth
and so do

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