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Plant powered dinners in under 20mins

January 29, 2021

Set mealtimes don’t really exist in the van anymore – neither do weekends to a certain degree. We’ve both been self-employed for about 12 yrs (living full time in the van for over 3yrs) and are used to the fluctuations between working like crazy and fallow time.
Meals have kinda shifted so that we tend to eat a later breakfast then a second meal that’s somewhere between dinner and tea (or lunch and dinner depending upon how much further south in the UK you’re from ?).
Anyways – I like sharing our vegan dinners, so here’s two together. Sometimes I love standing in the kitchen for hours creating vegan feasts, others I literally want to eat something filling and delicious that takes no more than 20mins. Both these meals are in the latter category, which is why I wasn’t going to post them as I wasn’t sure if they were ‘chefy’ enough for the blog. Then I got a grip and remembered that this blog is just about sharing how we live in a tiny, low energy consumption home.
Yesterday’s tea (see second pic) was fat vegan subs with spicy marinated tempeh and homemade apple coleslaw.
Today’s meal was a giant bowl of spaghetti in a super simple sauce of garlicky fresh & sundried tomatoes with herbs.
Honestly both were delicious.

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