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A stitch in time

January 27, 2021

Last night’s darning project – the arm in one of my thermal vests. I called my sister and was like – oh gawds I’m here drinking tea mending my thermal vest HOW OLD AM I? ?? I’ve had this vest years, it’s a merino wool blend from trusty M&S.
All I could think of last night was the old adage, A Stitch In Time Saves Nine. This is because I didn’t mend this months ago when the first tiny holes appeared and instead watched while they grew into monstrous ladders that became a nightmare to mend (swipe left for progress shots).
Figuring out where to begin with this was the tough bit as the ladders were so fiddly and I’ve only been darning for a few years. Anyway – I’m happy with the result, I’ll get a few more years out of this now, and I’m glad I went for a matching yarn with this mend so my wonky stitches aren’t so evident.

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