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Furbabies forever

July 25, 2019

Visiting friends, I’m reminded how much thought & attention some people give to caring for their canine companions, our furbabies who are completely reliant on us through no choice of their own. I love how much love people give to the animals in their lives. Our lovely friend Pauline has a pack of huskies and has also started baking treats for hounds as Hudson’s Garden. This is a great idea! When we went to visit she taught me how to make some. The key ingredient in this recipe is a helping of dried cleavers which is good for fluid retention, flushing metabolic waste from the lymphatic system & helps detoxify the blood. There’s also natural peanut butter which is a good source of protein (as long as it has no added sweeteners or salt). These biscuits are also vegan (our dogs aren’t vegan – they have a fish-based diet). More pet owners are becoming aware of the awful, low-grade content of some dog foods these days, so I think home baked doggy treats like these could be the way forward. Out hounds scoffed them up so they’re clearly delicious 🐕. There’s a full photo diary of this by @andyrgarside going up on the OUTSIDER blog on 28th July for Patreons. You can subscribe at the link in my biog, where you’ll also then get access to the back catalogue and some new work for this chapter.

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