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Think for yourself

July 26, 2019

Once a year I find myself returning to this piece written some years ago now about a series of awakenings that happened years before that. This is a section I hold in the mind like a riverstone, rolling it often through the waters of time & memory. Memory is a strange & unreliable creature – it is the only thing we have to tell us who we are and yet it shifts life sanddunes: one minute we are confident of our footing, of our place in the world, and then without warning everything alters to reveal another world, one that we didn’t even know existed moments before.

Think For Yourself is still the most important piece of advice I was given by this old woman in my dreams. Question everything. The world might tell you the sea is blue, do not take this for granted, go visit the sea over & over until you know for yourself every shade from aquamarine to slate grey; until you’ve seen your reflection in her flat mirror & also felt the force of her winter waves pummelling into the sand beneath your bare feet. Let go of learning from others for the sake of it, it is like fast food: addictive & unfulfilling. Go and find your truths in the ocean waves, in the call of the red kite, in the slow weaving of the spider, or rooted with the trees. Nobody can teach you the things you will find there – those lessons, those gifts, are waiting especially, uniquely for you. 🌿🌳🐝🌊

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