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You can adore your family & love to travel

August 2, 2019

You can adore your family & love to travel. You can support others & still go in search of the truth of your heart. There are so many days in a life: allow them to repeat & watch them flood past you like rain, thin & unsatisfying, until a paralysis takes over the soul, until no new dreams can manifest. Learn to step outside of this. Here, I will teach you to fold time: fill your days with meaning; allow love to expand into every atom of your life; hold yourself fully accountable for the life you now have; create unique & special moments with the people who matter, with the wild world your heart sings to. Ask yourself always: do I need this, or do I want it? The difference is minuscule, the difference is everything. The ‘need’ is the truth of your heart, the ‘want’ is the lie of the ego. If you do not truly need something, can you wholeheartedly gift it to someone else? This is how we create The Abundance. Have no plan outside of making each day a work of art; hold no expectations except that you will sacrifice everything for this moment; this is how to make your life a gift to the universe, this is how to be in love with the world. ❤️🌿🌍

Happy 2nd birthday to our grandson Arthur, who fills every second of his life with action, curiosity & joy; whose life is an expanse of exploration & fun; who takes sunshine with him wherever he goes. I am learning so much from him. What an amazing soul. 📷 his gifted mama: @thefarmingmama 🥰❤️💦💙🌍

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