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Hounds of love

February 28, 2020

Headland hike with the furbabies. We get asked a lot how we manage in a van with two large sighthounds. The answer is pretty simple. It works only if you see yourselves as a family, a tiny travelling community. We all have varying needs and wants and nobody can have their own way all the time. Some people are horrified to learn that they sleep on our bed. But this came about through necessity more than anything else – our first winter in the van was mostly spent in Wales during some epic snow dumps. We didn’t have a heater and we were all cold. What’s the point of them freezing on beds on the floor and us freezing in our bed if we can all pile in together? They’re your very own always-warm furry hot-water-bottles. After that, even now we’re in a much warmer climate, we can’t get them off the bed. Not that we’ve really tried. They’re both rescue dogs so come with their special and unique ways of seeing the world. As do we. Let’s be honest, nobody’s walking around trauma free. We all make each other’s lives better, and bring something different to our nomadic family. I honestly can’t imagine life without them.

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