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Always the road

March 3, 2020

It feels good to be back on the road after a couple of months parked up in the same spot. On our morning walk with the hounds we spotted this perfect park-up across a river, located it on the map, then drove over. This is still my favourite way to find a good park-up – these are ones we don’t geotag for obvious reasons.
Although we live a relatively frugal life, Slow Travel is a luxury in many ways: it offers us the chance to sit by a rivermouth watching for potential surf waves as the tide swells and recedes; it allows us the time to contemplate this migratory existence and the ways in which it’s evolving us incrementally day-by-day; we sit on this step with its ever-changing view knowing that every moment of life is a finite gift, working to let go of living with ego and delusion, instead celebrating our wild hearts that have brought us this far, and the land that supports and envelopes us.

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