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What I wear with a tiny wardrobe

January 13, 2021

I enjoy blogging about my day-to-day life in this tiny-home-on-wheels, about how we navigate living in a tiny space and the ways in which we’re trying to live a more authentic life that fits with our ethics. It a space where I share my mistakes and failures as much as the successes and dreams because this is all just part of life.
Recently I’ve been writing about clothing which has generated some lovely conversations so I thought I’d share some of the things I wear in the van. This will only be an occasional and very short series as my entire ‘wardrobe’ consists of three shelves and some coats. But it does mean that, out of necessity, my mending skills are improving, and I’m getting better at choosing/making new clothes that both fit with my ‘capsule’ wardrobe, and that have good staying power. I also prefer them to be made in the UK/Europe with the environment in mind (this is something I’m still working on improving).
These grease monkey overalls by Freddies of Pinewood is one of my favourite pieces. It’s two years old now and still looks great as I’ve only washed it a couple of time to keep the colour from fading. Their clothes are all made in England and I love the high-waist vintage cut of their jeans, along with the fact that there’s no stretch in the denim – I hate stretchy denim.
Black thermal long-sleeved vest I’ve had for years, over that the stripy long-sleeved T is an old one of Andy’s (about 8yrs old) I snagged as he wasn’t wearing it. The scarf is about 6yrs old bought new from Topshop – I love it because it has a map of Europe. My shoes (swipe left) are vegan DMs. About 4yrs old. I’m not sure if I’d get them again – I’m still really undecided about pleather. When these need replacing I might try to find a small shoemaker who works with organic leather. The socks are my newest item of clothing as I finished knitting them this week.
I’d love to know more about your favourite clothes and how you wear them?
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