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Setting my own success paradigm

May 31, 2021

A friend said to me recently, ‘You don’t have to grieve standing still’ and oh my I felt that deep in my bones.

I’ve been focusing on building an internal success paradigm that doesn’t rely on external validation. It’s one where I give myself credit for overcoming smaller fears, where I celebrate every time I genuinely strengthen a connection instead of shutting it down, when I step into my power instead of giving it away.
None of these things are particularly apparent to anybody else, and they won’t win me any awards, but this approach is changing me slowly from the inside-out so that each day I feel more resilient, more sure of my creative path, more able to lean into this unconventional life with the knowledge that I’m exactly where I need to be.

The last time I did this tricky bit of trail was on my full-suss Orange back in summer 2012 (sweet main photo). It took a lot of staring at before attempting, see the guys also checking it out behind me ? it also looked a bit different back then but still, it felt good to get down it recently on the hard tail (which I am loving btw).

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