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Finding my own successes

June 5, 2021

I’ve been talking a lot about what makes a successful life these past few years. I think this is because I came to realise we have very narrow parameters around what we consider success that often focusses on our earning or networking capacity.

I had a very chaotic childhood. I’m not saying this to invite pity, but to offer a brief context. So success to me has been learning about stability, about how relationships work and how to form authentic connections with safe family and friends while putting firm boundaries in place with others; and then how to create a life that can encompass all of this as well as my unfathomable-but-insatiable need/compulsion to continue creating/writing, along with the deep heart-calling to spend as much time in nature as possible.

Perhaps this is a lot to expect, but this is my one wild and precious life so I intend to continue asking it of myself.

This past week has felt hugely successful even if these days might not look like much to an outsider. We spent quality time with our grandkids and have formed a real soul-bond with them. Now, back on the road, I’ve got the first two-thirds of the audiobook recorded (can’t wait to share it with you), and I’m able to take this rolling home with me wherever I go which means time with good friends while parked on private land in a glorious corner of this bright earth.

This weekend we ride our bikes.

I’m so grateful for this life, and I’m not without some luck I know that, but nearly two decades ago I stopped letting life happen to me and instead chose to consciously create my days. There have been endless undulations but wow, what a wild ride it is.

Anyway – another small achievement that delights me beyond measure is lighting a fire with just fire-strike and flint ???

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