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The ‘how to be a raincloud’ manual

June 7, 2019

Thinking of all the landscapes that have been reflected in these rear windows – and the many more there are to come. Each place is a new adventure, a new story waiting to be told. Sometimes we stop & immerse, other times we are just passing through. No way of experiencing a place is the ‘right way’. A rain cloud does not worry if it is travelling at the right speed, or if it is raining in the correct designated area. There are no ‘how to be a raincloud’ manuals. As we passed through the French Alps recently, I expected to connect with all the different wild flowers, instead I found Iris & a deep resonating mountain energy at every turn. Letting go of the need to control the outcome & instead following nature can be difficult – we have our guidebooks & recommendations, our ‘must see lists’ & endless points of reference – all of which create a beautiful-but-fake veneer; all of which create the echo-chamber of people. The learning is being able to hear past that endless chatter for the voice of the land rolling soundlessly beneath it all, conversing with everything at her own pace, flowing in eternal Slow Time.

If you’d like to read more in-depth insights about our travels, see more photos (that haven’t been retouched by my hand like this one here 🤦🏻‍♀️ but by someone who know what they’re doing, namely Andy Garside), as well as perhaps get a recipe or two inspired by the places we’re in, and a poem or two thrown in for good measure, swing on by the OUTSIDER Patreon page and sign up. First new piece is out 14th June.

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