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A step with a view on the world

June 25, 2019

I love this step. It is my favourite place in the world. Every morning I sit here drinking mint tea before doing anything else. It’s a way of connecting with my surroundings, of taking it all in. In a life where the only certainty is change, I love the liminal space this step inhabits – always the same trusty step, often a new view: crescendoing snow-covered mountains, a great thundering winter Atlantic ocean, lazy-morning waking summer meadows, the rolling contrary Mediterranean Sea, or vast pine & alpine beech forests; and also supermarket carparks, nondescript city streets, motorway truck stops, dead-end lanes, and monotonous agricultural landscapes. Some views are infinitely more beautiful than others. From here I’ve watched European bee eaters swinging across an azure French river, as well as fist-sized hailstones rattling onto a Cretian grit car park, and everything in between. Being so close to nature every day is re-weaving a tight bond I didn’t realose had become so threadbare, which makes it hard to describe the peace this small morning ritual brings. There’s no elaborate plan or need to move through the day at speed, there’s just the act of sitting on this step, mint tea in hand, marvelling at the outrageous magnificence of this world we live in, and a humble thank you offered that I am here to witness,to hear, & to inhale the beauty of all these things. ? @andyrgarside ?

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