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Slow food

January 17, 2019

Taking time to eat slowly is a goal for 2019. I’m a gannet. Always eating my food as if it were about to be stolen ?. I can literally inhale an entire meal when some people are still chewing their first mouthful. It makes for embarrassing situations in restaurants. Part of slow living for me is about taking time to make and appreciate food, so I’m finding that making a small ceremony of it helps: setting out a table, appreciating the view, choosing good produce from local markets (where possible), making a few dishes that can all go in the fridge and be taken out and eaten again at any time so there’s no waste; all of these things help to generate an appreciation of the food being consumed. It helps me to slow down. I’m not religious so don’t say grace, but more and more I want to give thanks for the food that is a gift from the earth, and the product of somebody’s hard work. For me what works is taking time to give thanks for this by slowly stitching appreciation into everyday life. Today I made: hummus, guacamole, tomato pepper & olive salad, green salad of pea shoots & lettuce, charred green peppers with slithers of sheep cheese olive oil & black pepper, corn cakes, bruschetta (which is basically the end of a stale loaf cut thinly & toasted in the pan). It’s all vegetarian, and vegan except for the sheep’s cheese. If you’re gluten free have corn cakes, if not have bruschetta. The olives here are quite sublime. They’re black and sundried with the stone still in. Makes for a delicious meaty texture in dishes. Finally there’s a bottle of cold brew herbal infusion of mountain flowers & mint. #slowfood

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