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Less food waste

January 18, 2019

Went a bit mad at the farmers market last Saturday in Míres which means we still have produce to eat, but then we found an amazing parkup so haven’t moved in a week. To make sure there’s no food waste I’ve just been cooking tapas style dishes all week, adding new ones to the table as others are finished. To the leftovers from yesterday’s food (see previous post) I added a bowl of herby pan roasted potatoes, broccoli stems in garlic oil, and more charred green peppers (he gave me a giant bagful for €1) with sheep’s cheese olive oil & black pepper, and I made some more of @minimalistbaker’s tahini dressing. Some of this has gone in the fridge for tomorrow and we’ll make new things to add to it. I’ve found the absolute best way to avoid food waste is to change the mindset from ‘what do I want to eat?’ To ‘what can I make from the food I’ve got here?’ Makes a massive difference. Also saves money. Apart from the slivers of sheep’s cheese this is vegan. It’s also gluten free. And we’re stuffed. #aspiringvegan #eatyourgreens #plantbased #tahinidressing #tinyhome #tinykitchen #vanlifeeurope #vankitchen #vanfood #colouronmyplate #crete #slowfood #slowliving #slowdown #localproduce #greekproduce #lesswaste #lessfoodwaste

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