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plants & herbs for a self-care reset

July 27, 2019

Feeling a deep need to reconnect with my stomach at the moment. When I let positive intention slip I begin stuffing her full to the point of pain. It’s not about weight loss or gain – I’m happy in my skin; it’s about manifesting a genuine love for myself where I only want to do what genuinely feels good. Although cheese, bread & wine do feel good 😬. Would love to know what people do for a self-care reset? Asking for a friend 😂. Anyway focusing on connecting with herbs and making these three books my bibles for this coming summer/autumn should help. Thanks to @jensplot for the herbs & veg recently. The mint plant (a gift from a plant friend) has been travelling with us in the van for over a year now, and the basil from a French farmers market is thriving. I‘ve learned to move them to the dashboard whenever we stop so that they get a good dose of sunshine as the van interior doesn’t get enough direct light to keep them happy. 💚🌿🐝 

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