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laundry day

January 8, 2019

Everything takes infinitely longer in vantime. The laundry means finding a launderette, finding out what their system is and making sure we have the correct detergent and change. Often it’s on a busy street so we can’t park the van outside. On the plus side you can fit a shedload of washing in one machine and the dryers are often amazing. Laundry costs us between €20-€40 depending on the county we’re in. We do it once a month and wash literally everything. It’s made us realise how often we unnecessarily put the washing machine on at home. I don’t know how to do the figures but reckon switching from nearly every day to once a month must be more efficient, even with the dryers. The costs vary massively. Galway in Ireland was the most expensive place (€40) Rethymno on Crete is the cheapest (€20 and for that I had 4 washing machines and then 4 dryers full). Didn’t quite manage to get it all dry – should have spent an extra €2 but ran out of change 🙈. Today the van looks like a launderette as we blast the last bits of laundry dry in this wild wind and glorious sunshine.

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