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November 14, 2019

I’d always thought myself a winter person. I joked that I was probably a sheep in another life because the sharp cold or thumping rainstorms of the dark season seemed to sooth my soul somehow. I never felt depressed or unhappy in endless thick foggy days. So to find myself in the van, chasing the sun, wallowing in syrupy sunsets and throwing arms wide to the sun’s bright rays every morning feels like a complete vault-face. And to tell the truth it is. Which shouldn’t come a surprise from someone who constantly writes about embracing change – in all her guises. I suppose what I’m saying is that as I’m getting older, I’m understanding the ridiculousness of fixed positions. Or perhaps it’s more that I’m understanding that life is about finding the lessons and learning from them and this perhaps means inviting a little (or in this case a lot) of change into the heart. Chasing sunsets and waves is a new and unexpected passion that I intend to fully embrace. Life is a strange and contrary beast and you can try to tame her, or you can learn to ride her. I’m going with the latter. ?@ Andy Garside ?☀️

there’s a couple of new pieces for Patreons on here today.

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