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Solitary time

November 30, 2018


I’m quite happy being solitary. As I get older I crave it more. When I was younger I’d want company but then would have to drink a silly amount before I could feel comfortable. There was always the ‘should’ element to it: I should be going out more; I should be more sociable; I should have more friends. As I got older and discovered poetry I realise I took some of that into my art: I should write like xyz group; I should collaborate more; I should be making more work. At no point did it occur to me that what I was doing, or who I was, was enough. The thought never entered my head to ask myself simply: what do I do? Who am I? Instead of: what should I do? Who should I be? The should is always bollocks anyway. But nobody told me that. Is it a feminist issue? A lot (not all) of the creative men I see appear to have less of an issue with this – instead they seem to house an outrageous confidence in who they are (which increases exponentially if they’ve been privately educated). Sometimes, depressingly, the ‘should’ comes from women who are projecting their own feelings of inadequacy onto other women instead of working on their own sense of self worth. I know I’ve done it (and always regret it). Anyway, time alone in the van is heaven. And maybe I should be driving around meeting up with other vanlifers or poets or just people, but I’m actually quite content pottering around this coastline for a few days with the hounds, reading, writing, reflecting, cooking and letting the world flow by. #traveller #solotravel #nomadiclife #creativewoman #vanlifeeurope #tinyliving #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanhounds #lurcher #sighthoundsofinstagram #timealone #reflection #bobblehat #keepingwarm #slovenia #coastline #homeonwheels #exploretocreate #liveauthentic #iphonephotography #iphonetimer #vanlifediaries #vanlifemoment #slow #slowliving #slowdown #slowlife #slowtravel

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