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Winter knits and what this teaches

November 30, 2018


A few years ago I knitted this poncho (using Rowan Drift wool). It took about 18months because the first time I finished it the neckline was wonky. I took it to my nan and asked her to help me fudge it so it would look right. She told me straight: “Sophie, it’s wrong so you’ll just have to unravel the whole of the neck and the front left shoulder and redo it, otherwise you’ll never wear it and it’ll be a waste”. My nan is a wise woman but obviously that wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I was devastated and put it in a cupboard for about 6 months in a sulk. Eventually I dragged it out and finished it. I’m so glad I took her advice and the time to redo it properly because it’s one of my favourite pieces of clothing. I practically live in it each winter (even more so in the van). I’ve been thinking more about creativeness lately and what informs my process, and yes of course reading is the number one source of inspiration, but I also find learning in an infinite number of things that are not writing related. Riding my mountain bike downhill at speed teaches me that sometimes you have to not sweat the small stuff but just pick a line and commit; outdoor swimming teaches me that words are not the centre of the universe and that my skin can be in a dialogue with the water as much as my mind; knitting teaches me to stop, take notice of the details, don’t plough on with creating until I’m sure I’ve got the previous row of stitches right because the error will grow the farther I go before fixing it. I only know which process fits a specific piece of work as I do it, and even then it changes day-to-day. Hopefully I’m getting more adept at figuring it all out – some days it still feels like I’m fiddling over stitches when I should be just hurtling down a mountain (or vice-versa). #knitting #winterfashion #handmade #slowfashion #vanlife #fulltimevanlife #ontheroad #creative #creativelife #rowanwool #creativeprocess #keepingwarm #winterwoolies #cablestitch #creativewoman #slowlife #slowliving #vanlifeeurope #nomadiclife #tinyliving #homeonwheels #vanlifemoment #traveller #knit #knittersofinstagram #knitwear #nomakeup #nomakeupselfie #messyhair #learningprocess

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