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Barefoot dreams

June 13, 2020

Wore shoes last night for the first time in ages and still walked the 5km home barefoot. I love being in tune with my surroundings, the way my body is fully aware of changes in temperature and texture; feeling the hard, smooth white cobbles give way to soft, damp midnight grasses. These past few years, no longer restricted by ridiculously shaped shoes, my feet have spread, rough callouses have formed along the heels; I can no longer stride with certainty, and instead a softer, more measured, approach to walking has evolved. I scan for sharp edges, broken things, and thorns, which has developed a deeper, more mindful approach to being in a place. Walking barefoot teaches me to listen through the soles, to notice everything about the earth; to cultivate an appreciation and gratitude for grasses and soil, for sandbanks and smooth rocks. Thanks for the pic @artofbeingjanecoe ?

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