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The Crown Jewels of water fountains

October 27, 2018


At this public water fountain in Guastalla, Italy, there are three taps: water, cold water and fizzy water. I kid you not. The locals stop here with crates of 2ltr bottles each and fill them. Italy has been the biggest surprise for me when it comes to simple generosity towards everyone. If you believe the U.K. press then it’s a country filled with rubbish and corruption. Maybe it is, but I haven’t seen any of that. All I’ve experienced is recycling bins, markets and shops with amazing local produce, endless places to park up for free or just a few €, and free water everywhere (although this, it has to be said, is the Crown Jewels of free water and isn’t usual). The towns are beautiful and the people have all been really friendly. #inspiring #livingsmall #slowlife #slowliving #italy #loveitaly #vanlife #fulltimevanlife #homeiswhereyouparkit #water #freewater #liveauthentic #freedom #onelife #europe #european #loveeurope

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