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Italian inspired comfort food

October 29, 2018


Today I’m in a bit of a daze. It’s rained for two days solid here in Italy and I’m packing for the long journey from Milan to Kolkata (via Heathrow and Doha) that begins in a few hours (or earlier today if you count the drive up to the airport). I’ve been immersed in this period of creative development for nearly a year, so now this very final stage is here I’m both ridiculously excited and terrified. Decided I needed super Italian-style comfort food to calm me down on a wet day and also wanted to use up the veg in the fridge as it’s not Andy’s strong point 😂😉. Made herby lemon polenta topped with chilli and braised veggies. Not the prettiest meal but exactly what I needed right now to keep me going. This is #vegan #glutenfree but I’ll be honest that’s been hard here in the land of pizza, pasta and cheese 🙈 so I’m trying to just substitute as many meals as possible for v/gf. Which is still moving in the right direction. Also the pisto basil cuttings I took from France have now gone into soil and are doing well. Andy’s under orders to take care of her for me 😍

Now I have to pack.

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