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Shedding skins

November 5, 2020

I’ve only taken three long-haul flights in my life: one to Florida with my daughter about twenty years ago. Then I’ve flown to India twice in more recent years, both for poetry projects. I used to think this made me uncultured, that I hadn’t experienced enough of the world. We even used to take most of our holidays in north Wales. It’s both crazy and amazing how we can jet around the world these days, but I’m also happy that my air-miles are pretty low by western standards. In the three years since moving into the van I’ve been to more countries than in my entire life beforehand, and I’ve had the opportunity to savour each place. Travel has also changed me in ways I’m only just coming to understand and am figuring how to translate this into writing, but I believe a large proportion of this is because we were prepared to give up everything in order to live this life. In order to grow you have to shed the old skin completely – hanging onto bits of it only impedes evolution. Having said that, you’re still the same person, the only thing you’re really letting go of are the things that no longer serve you, and if you’re willing to take that chance (however it might manifest in your life), I think that beautiful things await. Photo taken Venice October 2018.

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