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July 2, 2021

We woke in a glorious bird-song-filled forest this morning but there wasn’t any 4G so, after a walk, drove about 1km to get in range – this is the truth of a mobile life.

Any life can be portrayed as idyllic through these curious squares, but the reality tends to be somewhere closer to the mundane that we care to admit. I suppose what matters is creating the life that best fits your personality, your flow, and way of being in the world. Before that, of course, you have to know who you are, which tends to be the difficult part; and then it’s also about allowing yourself to change.

I’m reminded of the words of Heidi Priebe: to love someone long-term is to attend a thousand funerals of the people they used to be (swipe to end for full quote that I pulled from the net). I love these words because, for me, they’re also about the long-term love we need to cultivate for ourselves.

It’s taken forty-five years but finally (after burning many funeral pyres) I feel in my groove, my work is coming together exactly as I envisage, and this means I’m slowly, but authentically, connecting with the people who resonate beautifully.

It also means that I can sit with this pretty office view enjoying the sunshine, using the 4G, while accepting that the lorries going past are also going to be part of this day (swipe left ?). But I’ll be on my bike in the forest this evening, and that’s the payoff. I’d love to know what’s yours?

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