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Each new day I wake, look what is around me, & create

June 5, 2019

I wrote yesterday of Coflyfr, that it was created by weaving the words of writers throughout time. I’ve been thinking of that piece because I now realise OUTSIDER is a return to this way of working, only instead of immersing in the words of writers, I’ve been taking every new inspiration from the land. Each new day I wake, look what is around me, & create, drinking deep from the river of time that spins us around in pools & eddies or tumbles us along through the sounds of languages & across arbitrary borders recognised by only one species. Each day I have no idea what will be created until the land opens herself to me. I have spent many long years honing this craft so that now, when these suggestions come, I’m ready to intuit & open a dialogue: quick responses in slow time. When I was dreaming through the words & ideas & reflections of other people I knew it would come to an end – everything has already been said so it can feel like an echo-chamber of quotes & surmisings, of beautiful truths suffocating beneath exasperating contradictions – but now, as we travel & explore, each new day is a spring flower unfolding towards the sun. This is the only reality. I cannot be persuaded otherwise because I only need trust my own ears & eyes, my heart & intuition. And I feel the urgency of this truth, that when I am immersed in nature the world makes sense, I make sense. There is no fake news or intellectualising my place in the world. I wild swim this ocean of time, this one infinite moment within which all of nature exists….

From this month OUTSIDER is changing so that you can subscribe to two new chapters from the book (published exclusively for Patreons on 14th & 28th of each month). This will include a photodiary by Andy Garside as well as a recipe or poem. Subscribe from as little as $1 a month. If you’d like to read more visit my Patreon page (link here) and show me some love ❤️😊

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