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Where is your freedom?

June 1, 2020

How much freedom do we have, if we’re completely honest with ourselves? Every choice come with conditions: buy a home, and agree to trade an extortionate amount of debt for comfort and security; focus on your career, and know that the more successes you have the greater the compulsion to compete, the need to remain current and relevant; choose a family, and be enfolded in love, but also all the drama. What is the price for absolute freedom? To live your life in such a way that nothing is able to shape your existence? I honestly don’t know, because I don’t believe it’s possible, and I’m not sure complete freedom is something anyone really wants. But, the more we travel, the more apparent it is that a single monoculture is devouring everything and everyone, everywhere. We no longer celebrate differences of lifestyle or philosophy, not even of opinion. In some creative circles people are positively triggered just by hearing that you don’t like a book or film that their social circle deems important. This is when the monoculture seeps into our thoughts, and it’s when, more than ever, the artist has to stand up and speak their truth even if it feels as futile as throwing snowflakes at the eyes of the behemoth. How does any artist genuinely write about the machine when the machine feeds and clothes them? When the machine pays the mortgage and provides paid work? I don’t know. But I do know that to create anything of lasting worth is to at least attempt to speak from a place of freedom; to release yourself from the shackles of comfort in order to reach for the truth. These three gulls in sunset flight yesterday inspired these words. ?? #freedom #flight #sunset #alternativeliving #homeiswhereyouparkit

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