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Only a dream can kill a dream

June 1, 2019

Only a dream can kill a dream. How do we wake from the American Dream, the capitalist dream? It’s the dreamers who are prepared to step away from the system, who are not dazzled by it all, who know that we create the world each day anew along with the rising sun & we do it with poetry & song & art all woven into nature; we do it by planting seeds & mending ourselves & sharing & repurposing; we do it with authenticity & bravery & empathy & a belief that if we do so the world might begin to shift. I step out of the van into a field of red poppies under a blue sky & know that spring will always return, nature always wins out: she doesn’t care about our politics; migrating swallows know no borders; all the tiny ants crawling over my toes might die when I step forward, or they might live another day – it does not deter them. I find drinking water & feel a deep sense of gratitude. I walk under the hot sun fully present & am happy to be given the chance to learn as much as possible in my short time on this earth. Perhaps this is all there is. I hope it is enough.

From June the OUTSIDER format is changing so that on the 14th & 28th of each month a new chapter will be published. Each will include a new recipe and a photojournal by @andyrgarside. Please consider following the journey by visiting the Patreon page and signing up (link here). Think of it as buying & receiving a book in installments. So many of you have messaged over the 18months we’ve been on the road to say how inspiring you’ve found our journey and these insights. I hope you’ll be able to support this new format. Life on the road is something I never thought I’d experience, but still I have to earn a living – if I were a mechanic you’d pay me to fix your car, I hope that this poet offering insights into life & travel & the existential angst of modern life is something you can value just as much (although my subscriptions are a lot less than a visit to the mechanic ✊🏻🥰). Sent with much love & gratitude 🙏🏻 ♥️

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