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Slowing the mind down

May 31, 2019

Parked up miles from anyone & anywhere, at the edge of a bright aquamarine reservoir, surrounded by acres of beech & pine forest, we hike the hounds & cook good food. As the sun dips behind skyscraper-sized mountains we kindle a fire into being. Slow days & simple times for when the mind starts speeding too fast & I can’t seem to get a hold of anything.

Sitting here, slowing the mind down, feeling such freedom, with everything we own in the home-on-wheels behind us, I’m reminded of an early chapter in the OUTSIDER book when we began the seemingly Sisyphean task of downsizing all of our stuff:

‘Various items jostle together like flocks of gulls; the space in each room diminished daily as if the Talacre sand dunes have waded into the house & expanded to fill every corner & gap before spilling into the centre of the room. We stacked & balanced new stuff: workshop materials, books, paperwork, CDs, vinyl, books – on top of boxes of older versions of the same stuff so that we’re forced to climb over (or through) peaks of stuff to get to other stuff. I repeat the word stuff often because we have stuff & we stuff.’ (Link here for full piece.)

For those interested in continuing to read the OUTSIDER book you can subscribe for as little as $1 a month at:

thank you for your continued support. Life on the road is a beautiful, fragile creature & I’m enjoying sharing these insights with you.

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