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Letting go of guilt

December 25, 2019

I‘ve been thinking of the ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ mindset a lot lately, but honestly – I don’t think most women are afraid. Fuck. We give birth, or don’t. Which is equally as brave. We hold communities together, or set out solo across the world. We love so fucking hard for so many people without fear. What holds us back, what keeps us ‘in our place’ is guilt. Guilt that we shouldn’t be: so loud, so large, so intelligent, so empathic, so hilarious, so quiet, so soft, so hard, so masculine, so feminine, so beautiful, so different, so creative, so independent, and so goddamn adaptable. That last one is our greatest weakness as well as our strength – it means we’ll sit in miserable situations forever and keep smiling. When I let go of guilt, I let go of so many unacknowledged things that were holding me back. I vowed to let go of it all and instead grasp a firm hold onto what helps me grow. I wish the same for all you women out there this next decade. I really believe we will change the world if we can first manifest this shift within ourselves.

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