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When the land calls, take time to listen

December 27, 2019

Living a permanently travelling lifestyle isn’t exhausting as long as you tune into both yourself and the place you’re in. Sometimes we stay just one night and move on, but this is pretty seldom these days unless we’re stuck. In the beginning this need to keep moving was ingrained in us – that desire for progress, to be doing something: miles on the clock, new towns ticked off the list, keep on keeping on. But, as we let go of expectation and the old rushing along mindset, we found beneath all that exhausting and unsustainable froth a beautiful slow and meandering river of time that we now quite happily paddle along on. Often we stay four or five days in a place, depending upon the weather, our work, suitability for the hounds, and surfing potential (this last one is a brand new essential) and then, in the midwinter, even in the bright sunshine, we slow right down even more. Time deposits us in an oxbow lake and we let go of it all for a couple of months to just float in the gloriousness of being in the world: we watch the moon bloom then wilt like a giant flower in the sky; learn the wildly oscillating mood swings of the ocean’s tides; feel the earth wake to greet us each morning with the sunrise and kiss our feet goodnight with each sunset; we become more aware of the local trees visiting us in dreams. There’s something quite magical about being able to listen to your heart and the call of the land in this way. It reminds you of what’s important; it reminds you of who you are. 📷 @andyrgarside 🌞

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