August 4, 2019

Learning is such a personal thing. the linear way we are taught in schools feels more & more wrong to me as I grow & follow intuition. Real learning often needs to include circular periods of unlearning & relearning, as well as fallow periods when it looks like nothing is happening. Sometimes the learner will make a cognitive leap well past their sphere of understanding and have to spend a good while working backwards from that. There also needs to be times when the learner steps away from the subject altogether in order to gain other skills that will help them to understand, and true learning needs to be totally on the terms of the student, not the teacher. We have forgotten that the teacher is servant, not master. Over a decade ago I wrote this poem ‘I’ so as to better understand a series of events that had happened. I didn’t believe in spirit guides at the time and if I did I would have worried what others would say about mine. But she came, and I have had to learn, to unlearn, to relearn everything I think about everything. I’ve also had to accept that the teachings of others will only ever be within their own sphere of understanding so if I step outside of that I am not ‘wrong’ I just need to do the work myself. This spirit guide is not to be taken lightly – I’ve hardly worked with her at all because I’ve needed to spend the years after this event growing into the kind of person who can work with such a guide. None of this was about accumulating knowledge or skills – it was all about working with my Self so I know & accept who I am with no pride or shame. I don’t even know if I’m there yet but this process has already taught me so much – the thing I’m working on now is having the confidence to do the work. 

Link to recording of full poem here or its in the Prophecy: conversations with my Self pamphlet you can download for free from the Herstory section of SophieMcKeand.com

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