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March 22, 2020

I wonder if we can practice radical self-acceptance during these times? By that I mean embracing all of the elements of our collective selves that we seem to want to judge or look down upon. Could we accept that people under stress can often do ridiculous and contrary things that might infuriate and enrage others within this vast and multifaceted global culture? When the information given is overwhelming, conflicting and confusing, people switch off. When someone says ‘nobody’s ever cared for me, why should I care?’ maybe that’s a cold hard truth about our society. When people whose daily lives are surrounded by concrete flock to be outdoors as a way of coping with this scary pandemic, others, perhaps who have the privilege of nature on their doorstep, berate them. I see people saying that they will read books and hide indoors away from this strange event unfolding across the globe, while others grasp onto their only lifeline of working three zero-hours contracts that are being cancelled out from underneath them – basic economics keeps pushing them out into the world regardless of Coronavirus. Some are using humour as a coping mechanism, others are disgusted at this need to laugh in dark times. Collective action is being asked of a culture that no longer lives with a collective mindset and so judgement squats over us all like a thundercloud. I’m not sure enough of us have walked in each other’s shoes these days to enable us to reach inside for the empathy needed. But these times are proving to be a catalyst for radical change, and I wonder if perhaps that includes allowing us the opportunity to know ourselves, so that we might better understand each other.
Here’s a picture of our nearest neighbour this week. On a recent rainy day this beautiful egret came out to fish. They teach a certain kind of patience and acceptance that I’m not sure I possess yet, but I’m working on it. 📷 @andyrgarside 💙

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