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Spiced cauliflower experiments

January 23, 2019

Foodie day today. Makes me feel good. Spiced cauliflower with flavoured rice, pumpkin & pomegranate seeds, & tahini dressing. To make – cook Basmati rice with cardamom pods, dried chilli & salt. Once cooked, stir in juice of half a lemon and leave to sit with lid on. Thinly slice a small red onion and fry until caramelised with sugar and some cumin seeds for the last minute. I’m loving spiced cauliflower at the moment and experiment with all sorts of flavours. I’d recommend you just give it a try. Cut into florets and tumble in oil and spices – this time I used: chilli powder, allspice, cumin & coriander powder + salt. Chuck into frying pan with a centimetre of water in the bottom, put on med/high heat and put lid on for about 5mins. Check after 5mins to see if cauliflower needs more cooking. Don’t let bottom of pan burn – add a slosh of water when needed. To serve fold some pumpkins & pomegranate seeds into the rice and put in bowls; add onion mix to the top; Chuck on cauliflower florets, more pumpkin & pomegranate seeds & drizzle on tahini sauce (I use @minimalistbaker’s – it’s perfect and can’t be bettered in my opinion). This is vegan & gluten free and feels utterly decadent even though it only takes 30mins to make. I got all the fresh ingredients from the local farmersmarket in Míres on Saturday.

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