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Ceremony for letting go: last quarter moon (release)

January 28, 2019

When I could no longer hold onto anger / I sought release / how do you move away from something that has shaped you for so long it is part of your physical being? / shoulders hunched, I sit at sunset & watch the death of the day / bare feet flat on cold earth / womb heavy with blood / heavy with containment / heavy with all the things I should have said: it is not my fault; I am sorry I let you down / the way we pass grief on like trinkets or heirlooms or in Trojan horses / the way we love with conditions / the way we hate unconditionally / over & over sunsets & waves are absorbed into the sand / this is how it has been for millennia / a million tiny deaths occurring without fanfare or guilt / I will leave my blood here / unclench knots here / breath out here with the day’s last gasp / watch that part of myself dive into the waves & mourn her passing / even as I know / it is time.

(Photo: Andy Garside)

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