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Strawberry full moon

June 21, 2019

We spent a magical two weeks camping with Andy’s parents near Fanjeux in the south of France. Vanlife is changing our relationships with our families & close friends as much as with ourselves & each other. Perhaps this is because we don’t see people as often, so when we do we make much more of an effort. Vanlife shines a bright light on everything, making us realise how easy it is to take certain connections for granted – with people as much with the earth. I’ve seen more full moons this year than at any time in the past & love this photo taken by Andy earlier this week. Ah! She was a peach lighting up the sky! Utterly divine. Yesterday we waved goodbye to Bob & Sheila and drove north for six hours, so I don’t have so much to write on this solstice morning, except that I plan to hike around a lake and hope to see this evening’s sunset as clearly in the sky as this beautiful strawberry full moon (I cheated and watched the sun rise from inside the van).

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