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Navigating the tough times

November 15, 2018


Sometimes life throws a curveball. A reminder that no matter how much we plan and work and dream, events will happen that are out of our control. Living in a van is a more precarious existence. It gives us the freedom to explore new places and dream new dreams, but existing on the margins also means that life is a bit more fragile; the more we open ourselves to experiences, the more possibility there is of the negative as much as positive weaving its way into our lives. There’s no getting around that. I suppose it’s not about stopping bad things happening but learning to work with, and grow from, them. No life is perfect, but I love ours. Andy and the doggies are safe and well. On different continents we’ve both cried the past 24hrs over the generosity of family, friends and both the artistic and Vanlife community. I though that us going off in the van was stepping away from people, setting out on our own and leaving it all behind, but what this incident with the van has proven to us is that we’re making more friends, widening our community, becoming stronger with each new place visited and each challenge faced. Thank you so much to everyone for you amazing words of support and friendship – they’ve kept us going these past 24hrs. I’m at Delhi airport about to board a plane to Rome – can’t wait to be in Andy’s arms, with our doggies, where I belong. We’ll just keep navigating these rapids together. ❤️❤️❤️ #Vanlife #fulltimevanlife #India #homeiswhereyouparkit #lovehim #explore #teestariver

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