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What buys happiness?

November 15, 2018


Woke up in my own bed this morning with hounds all snoring softly around us. Andy starts laughing as he wakes from a dream in which everyone except him turns up to a wedding in fancy dress. He informs me I am not the dashing-Jonny-Depp-Captain-Jack-Sparrow character I’d envisaged, I am more captain Pugwash; and we laugh until tears roll down our faces and the doggies play ‘musical beds’, climbing over us, digging into the duvet, circling to mark their space.

It’s colder here than it was in Kolkata and I love snuggling up to everyone. I’ve missed this feeling. Yes it’s devastating that somebody came into our lives and took the few valuable possessions we have left in the world. But they don’t know our journey, and we don’t know theirs. And they can’t take this feeling, this love we have for each other, this life we’ve built together. Nobody can trash that. The rest is going to be difficult to replace because our insurance on contents is minimal (no matter how much we tried to increase it, it’s not possible without a home & home contents insurance which we don’t have). Sifting through the spaces where our possessions were, we notice that when we downsized we only kept things that we’d either sold a lot of stuff to buy, or bought years ago, or it was a gift, or we spent a few years paying for something. Thieves don’t see that side of things – it’s just smart stuff to steal and it’s unlikely we’ll be able to replace some things, but we’ve done more crying over the lovely messages of support from people than we have over lost stuff. Something like this is a sharp reminder what’s important in life – and stuff isn’t it. Thank you everyone for being the most utterly wonderful humans – we are so grateful to know you all. Thanks also go to our Vanlife friends @westfalia_digital_nomads who, when I called them from Kolkata to say Andy was stranded, connected him with a lovely family near Rome who let Andy stay over and park the van somewhere safe. Here’s a photo from Portugal in Jan – a reminder of happier times ❤️ #vanlife #fulltimevanlife #vanlifediaries #vandwellinglife #vanlifemovement #homeonwheels #homeiswhereyouparkit #projectvanlife #mercedessprinter #alternativeliving

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