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Psycholingualgeography & Iris

May 21, 2019

Fractals are such beautiful natural occurrences, appearing everywhere from romanesco cauliflower, to ferns (I have fern tattooed on my arm) and snowflakes, from mountain ranges to lightening strikes. I believe the fractal cosmology theory – that the universe is a fractal – perhaps we just can’t see it because we’re in it. I believe this because I see them everywhere, all the time.

As I’ve been writing over the years I’ve shaped the various works to represent a fractal: excerpts of words from one piece are repeated in another, only maybe the next time the themes are expanded or collapsed. I hope maybe this goes some way to representing the expansion & contraction of time & space; the beautiful, chaotic/ordered symmetry of it all. Each new piece (pamphlet/performance/collection/album) includes something from the previous work so that the link is maintained. Yesterday, before leaving Slovenia, I think on Iris Croatica as promised and this sliver of poem springs to mind. The longer poem, psycholingualgeography, is an attempt to pull all these themes together into one fractal-like-poem. Psycholingualgeography is a word I created – it means, the language of the land. Still thinking on Iris Croatica, the urge comes to make a full audio recording of this piece (which I’ve never done before) so I follow that intuition – link to the recording here. The full written poem is also below. I hope you enjoy this poetic timetravel. Cymraeg is woven throughout as it allows for a deeper immersion in time. The white noise in the background is the rain & traffic as I sit in the van – maybe I’m warming to these additional sounds as they give the listener a sense of place.

It feels a fitting way to mark the end of my time in this beautiful, magic-infused country of Slovenia. I have a feeling I won’t see Iris again for a while either – but we’ll see.

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