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July 14, 2019

As we’ve been stationary in Caerwys for the past two weeks working on van maintenance I’ve had time to reflect on the years spent hunting & foraging across landscapes to discover the truth of my heart. And this week I woke with the realisation that I am The Storyteller, grandmother spider, weaving stories; sometimes through poetry, travel or sound, sometimes through performance or food. At the moment I’m experimenting with the short & longform speculative fiction/dystopian narratives.

Futureproof is a longer story for when you’ve got half an hour to settle into a dystopian Wales, and Children of Gods is a shorter narrative poem written on a darker day than today, but it feels good to air the ghosts at times (as long as they don’t take over).

I’ve made these exclusive for Patreon supporters because I need to make a living, but I also need the space to focus solely on my own writing with no distractions and Patreon allows the headspace for this. Once we hit the road again this autumn I’ll be continuing with two projects: OUTSIDER, and the new speculative fiction novel, The Madness of Sarah Mansfield. In the meantime, this summer, I have a new hand-stitched poetry pamphlet, The Slow-Time Traveller, coming out and will let you know when it’ll be available (I had to get the van curtains sewn before I can start on sewing a stack of pamphlets). Thank you to everyone who is supporting my work through Patreon – I cannot tell you how much it means. If you’d like to join us on this OUTSIDER journey hop on over to Patreon and sign up for as little as $1 a month you can also then access the back catalogue.

Sent with much gratitude & love,

Sophie x

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