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the joy of French autumn fruits

September 7, 2019

Loving all the autumn fruits around just now. Pictured here are a mix of blackberries foraged from a pleasant 10k hike around the farmlands and vineyards of Tillières, they’re near the very end of their harvest here so I’ll poach them rather eat fresh. These delicious crispy apples & fat, juicy yellow plums are from a farmer’s market stall the next day in Parthenay. I had information that the market in Parthenay is predominantly food on Saturdays but this one turned out to be mostly bric-a-brac. One of the downsides of just passing through! Still I got a seriously great haul of all three fruits and plant to make: pan-roasted plumbs with toasted nuts; winter slaw of apple, shredded cabbage & carrot to go with a lovely lunch planned tomorrow with friends; chia pudding with plum & blackberrry compote; and maybe also a simple apple, raisin & cinnamon crumble (Andy makes the best crumble topping in the iron pan). Feeling super inspired again with food now we’re back in Europe!

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